Monday, September 9, 2013

Listening, re-aroused...

{Artist / song title}
John bischoff / audio combiner
John zorn (prof@mills, happy 60th!) / dream machines
Bud powell / un poco loco, off the rudy van gelder edition
Iannes xenakis / tetras
Eiven groven (Norwegian guy, from Norway ;) ) / ?
Kundalini yoga / masculine divine aspect
A m w / gettin high 1996 Oakland
John zorn / spillane
Hannes coetzee / spoon guitar (two recordings, youtube)
Brian's (long-hair Briann) recording piece that he just mastered / ?

And more....

I made this a public blog.  All are invited as administrators.  Feel free to change/add stuff/add links or suggest other things to check out (maybe indented underneath a line)...